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Do you need assistance with a legal matter? Are you trying to solve a dispute regarding foreign affairs? Most importantly, are you looking for an experienced and reliable lawyer to handle your case? If you answered yes to any of these things, then the team at the Golden Legal Group law firm can help you. Whether you want to address a legal problem with overseas trade, US tourism, the naturalization process, or offender extradition, we’re always confident to serve. Here are the following are the types of law matters we handle and specialize in:
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Immigration Law

Regardless of whether it’s a dispute in the country or somewhere else in the world, we’ll always do our best to solve it.


International Business and Tax Law

In the US, immigration and international trade cases are two of the most prevalent disputes regarding transactions with foreign nations.


Interpol Red Notice Removal

Thankfully, there are now more lawyers and firms that can handle such matters for many people. However, despite that, not all of these agencies have enough experience, actually care for every client, regardless of wealth, and can handle proceedings linked to the Red Notice Interpol Law.